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Engine rebuilds - VW T.25 1.9 or 2.1 water-cooled petrol - we rebuild your engine - From - £1250*

The rebuild includes a complete strip down and rebuild of your engine, replacement of all gaskets and oil seals, new crankshaft bearings, your crank is reground (if required), new big end bearings, new piston rings, new oil pump. The valves removed from cylinder head, the heads checked and if they can be reused the heads and valves are cleaned and re-ground.

*This assumes all parts such as clutch, carburettor, fuel pump and distributor, etc are serviceable.

Engines that can be rebuilt. 1.9 DH, DF, DG, EY, GW. 2.1 MV, SS, DJ.

Buy it now (Your engine rebuilt) - £1,250 (including VAT)
Buy it now (Off the shelf engine) - £1,500 (including VAT)
Rebuilds usually have a 3 week build delay. Please contact us first to confirm timescales.

Type of Engine Rebuild